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Keeping The Ozarks in Fayetteville

Fayetteville's natural Ozark beauty has been one of its greatest attractions for nearly two centuries. Our city consistently ranks in the top ten on quality-of-life lists compiled by various groups across the nation. As a result, thousands of people choose to relocate to our area each year.

Fayetteville and Washington County have an amazing array of animal and plant life that are native to the area due to the variety of unique habitats that are present. The Ozark hills and forests converge from the south and east, while the western prairie extends to the north and west.

On this website, you will learn about Fayetteville, the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association, why we believe in conserving open space and why greenspace is essential. You also will gain access to the results of important research projects sponsored by FNHA.

Most importantly you will find an invitation to join us in Keeping the Ozarks in Fayetteville!